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Monday, October 8th, 2007


Well, I’m back — after a busy month. We were in Michigan twice in the last month. Unusual as we try not to do almost back to back trips. However, on the second trip back our goddaughter got married. And this is the bride.

If you click on the pix you can see that she’s wearing pearls – thus the topic of today’s blog. These pearls were a Christmas present to me from my hubby a few years ago before I started making my own jewelry. Our daughter in law wore them when she married our son. And due to other circumstances in Kate’s life, our goddaughter wore them this weekend.

Pearls have made quite a comeback if you read the jewelry mags and other fashion writing. They are everywhere and in every color. All shapes and colors are available now.

For some people, pearls have never left. Memories are tied up in many strings of pearls — handed down in families from grandmother to granddaughter, from mother to daughter and mother in law to daughter in law. Many are given with promises — some are kept and many are broken. The pearls don’t always have great monetary value — most of the people I know have never had a great deal of money to spend on jewelry – pearls or otherwise. It’s the sentiment that carries them into the next generation – keeping memories and the people who brought us those memories close to our hearts while wearing them.