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Jasper – Petrified Mud

Thursday, November 29th, 2007


Isn’t amazing how beautiful petrified mud can look? It has streaks of color (usually shades of brown) that look like landscapes, anything from desert sand dunes to rocky mountains to a dry riverbed. It is formed by mud rich with quartz that oozed and dripped into pockets of gas formed by molten lava. The heat from the exposure turns the mud solid almost instantly. Picture jasper is found in Idaho and Oregon. This information is courtesy of Rings n Things.

In other research I’ve found stories of using stones for psychological therapy. The patient is asked to describe the scenes found in the stones and the therapist uses those answers to facilitate the therapy. Natures own Rorschach test in your jewelry! Make sure you click on the pix of the necklace to get a good look at the pattern in the stones. It will truly amaze you — well, it does me…. This necklace is about 18 inches long and had a copper toggle clasp.

I’ve had people ask for jewelry made with wooden beads and I tell them I’ve not really worked with wooden beads a whole lot — just haven’t seen any that really speak to me. However, when I saw this jasper — it spoke to me! It almost has a ‘grain’ like wood but so much prettier.

This necklace will be for sale this weekend at the 14 South Artists Holiday Show. If you click on the link all the information is right there. Hope to see you there!

Art for Alzheimers – Janesville WI

Monday, November 12th, 2007


Last Friday night there was a fundraiser in Janesville WI for the
Alzheimers Support Group. The fundraiser was an enjoyable event – live music, open bar and wonderful food. And Silent Auctions to wish for — I haven’t seen that many silent auctions at an event in years!!! Sports event tickets, Nascar items, jewelry, photography, food – even 2 hours of labor hanging Christmas lights at your house!
The Support Group is a locally run program and they have been together for 10 years. They have programs for the families and caregivers of Alzheimer families.

I was one of the artists invited to show and sell my work. The bracelet above was my donation for the silent auction.

On Saturday there was an show open to the public from 11-3pm.

The bracelet above features a lamp work bead by Art by Val — I think I’ve written about these beads before but they are great! Well, I better go price some my jewelry that I’ve been working on. The business part of making jewelry sometimes puts a damper on teh creative processes. My  next show is the Janesville Country Club “Boutique Shopping” on Saturday November 17 from 10-2pm.

Brodhead Arts and Crafts

Thursday, November 1st, 2007


I’m going to be at the Brodhead Arts and Craft Show this Saturday – November 3. The show is 9-3.

The picture above on the left is a Blue Lace Agate that I wire wrapped this week.

Just before that I wrapped the malachite pendant on the right. I’ve had those little 4mm malachite beads for quite a while but could never decide how or where to use them. When I saw this cabochon I knew how to use the 4mm beads. This necklace is currently for sale at Raven’s Wish on Liberty Lane in Janesville. If you would like to purchase it please let Alicia know. 

I also wrapped another agate that has deep tones of red and gold. Using copper I wrapped a black banded agate also. If you should happen to be there, they will be for sale also.

I was on such a roll that I got out some of my drilled stones and wire accented them also. Star Jasper and Blue Tiger Eye are among the ones I used.

Well, now I’m off to pack my car!