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Notting Hill

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Click on pix for closer look.

I know this is knot the Notting Hill you were expecting to find at this link but I’m so excited that I’ve finally learned to knot pearls. The Hill part seems so fitting about learning to knot as it seemed to be worse than climbing a hill in snow pants and boots when you were a little kid!
After 5-6 months of asking questions, buying silk and shredding it, buying more silk and tying knots in the wrong spot, watching online tutorials, reading tutorials and directions – all I might add written for directed towards right handed people I finally sat down with someone at the Bead Bin in Madison and had a real person show me – a very patient young lady!!
Above is a picture – although not the best I’ve ever taken of a necklace that I finished yesterday. I’m so excited!! I’ve done 2 others – a beautiful bronzite that shimmers in the light and a pink/peach freshwater button pearl. On to my next one – I think this one will have Swarovski crystals in it!

Newsworthy Picture

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

In an the holiday excitement, I forgot to write about this — there was an article about local artists in local galleries written in the Janesville Gazette in December. You will have to scroll down about 4 or 5 pictures — there is a malachite necklace that I made. I wire wrapped the cabachon which I purchased from Chain of Events.

What Santa brought Ann

Thursday, January 17th, 2008


In my last post before Christmas I made reference to someone purchasing a Christmas gift for his wife and I promised a pix. Well, here it is! I’m sure I’ve written about the lady who made these beads before but it works beautifully against a nice purple sweater.

I also have been working on my 2008 schedule and think I have it about ready to go. I’ve been polling my friends on a couple of decisions about wording things and will have my schedule ready to print shortly. It’s been a busy month already and I’m only at the middle of the month. I’ve purchased business insurance, signed up for a class on business plans and marketing, signed up for a chainmaille class, figured out my 2007 inventory figures (and that’s scary!), and sat down and wrote out my goals for 2008. I think I’m going to print it and put it in front of my computer so when I’m sitting there procrastinating on my bookwork I can keep an eye on it!