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For the love of Jasper

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I love jaspers — as a matter of fact, I’ve yet to meet a jasper that I didn’t like. The necklace pictured above is made with silvermist jasper and I just finished the necklace this afternoon. I used a few freshwater pearls to give it a bit of an accent but it’s my opinion that when I have something with as much grain and color as a jasper my job as a designer is to stand out of the way and let the jasper speak. This silvermist jasper has lovely shades of gray, black and even a touch of red.

To preface this story of how I came to love jasper, I must first tell you that brown is not a favorite color of mine — I’m more of a purple, red and orange kind of person. I have a friend who wears a lot of browns and kakhis and I never understood the facination with those colors.

But then I found elephant jasper — wonderful shades of honey gold mixed among the brown. I had to have it! It was calling my name!! And it’s been a slippery slope since.

Last year I ran across bamboo jasper and promptly bought a dozen strands of various shapes and colors. But when it arrived, I couldn’t feature what to put with it and so it sat. All by it’s lonesome on the corner of my desk — staring at me as I brought in yet more jaspers (imperial, picasso, picture, brecciated and many more) and made bracelets, necklaces and earrings. But then the gold pearls arrived, the sun shone through the dirty basement window (housework sits and sits at my house) and the bamboo jasper began to make friends — the gold pearls, the kakhi Swarovskis and the silk thread as I learned to knot between the beads to really make them shine.