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Turner Zimmerman Benefit

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

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There is a young man in our small town. I’ve never met him personally but I’ve was just talking to one of his of his teachers the other day. She says he was ‘just a delight’ in her class. Turner has cerebal palsy — according to about-cerebral-palsy – cerebral palsy is a term used to describe a group of chronic conditions affecting body movements and muscle coordination.

Turner is a growing boy and his parents need help raising money to purchase a handicap accessible van. This van will help Turner and his parents in getting him to his many doctor appointments, treatments and school.

In Brodhead this weekend, there is a ball tournament to raise money. If you are looking for something to do outside this weekend, consider stopping in at the ball park and supporting the teams by watching a game or two. And be sure to purchase a brat or hotdog and something to drink. All proceeds from this tournament will be going to Turner’s van purchase.

Next weekend, July 25 there is a benefit being held in Orfordville WI. For the Harley enthusiasts there is a poker run sponsored by Kutter Harley of Janesville. Knute’s Bar and Grill are having a hog roast for 6.00/plate – McWilliams Hogs are preparing the meat.  There are many raffles and silent auctions going on also. National Mutual Benefit will match funds raised up to 2500.00.

The bracelet pictured above will be among those silent auction items. It is created of sterling and one of a kind handmade lampwork bead with a few Swarovski crystals for a bit of sparkle!

The universe is asymmetric(al)

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

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The quote by Louis Pasteur amazes me — until you look at a globe and realized that the planet Earth is not symmetrical by any stretch of the imagination. And then I think maybe using this azurite was a good choice for this asymmetrical bracelet. Mirroring the colors found in water and grass — this bracelet is the first one I’ve made (and been happy with) that is asymmetrical.

Symmetry comes easily to most of us – at least it does to me when creating a piece of jewelry. I recently made a necklace of sterling, black onyx and jet Swarovski. And it took me a lot of time to make it look correct — evenly weighted although not symmetrical by any means.

When I garden, I have no problems making my flower beds symmetrical because the beds are fitted in amoung big trees and a sidewalk (well, where the sidewalk will be some day!). There was nothing that was even about any of them to start  with and maybe makes a difference. If you would like to purchase this bracelet, please follow this link.

The nature of this flower is to bloom

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

The quote above is from Alice Walker who wrote The Color Purple. And I think Amber of  Yellow Flowers is doing a darn good job of blooming. I have to say that when I ran across the title of her business I expected something more floral related — I worked in a flower shop for 4 years and am quite literal about some things. But Amber keeps her flowers in a different way. She is a bead weaver and weaves lovely things for us to wear. I know the picture above is not jewelry related but I loved the picture ’cause it reminds me of fabric shopping — feeling all the fabrics, whether I intend to purchase any of them.

I’ve noticed a lot of my customers tend to do the same things to jewelry. Stroke it, pet it — touch it. Especially stones with grains and patterns — elephant jasper for example. It has such depth and color in the ‘wrinkles’.

Gemstones – bringing the world to us!

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

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The jeweler allows me to wear the sapphire blue lake on my finger, the emerald green leaves around my neck, and take the citrine sunset with me wherever I go.  Jewelry has become my daytime link to nature in an office with no windows.  And if I have to work late, there’s nothing like diamond stars and a pearl full moon against an onyx night sky.  ~Astrid Alauda, “Office With No Windows”

I recently ran across this quote – and I think it sums up what a lot of us ladies who make artisan jewelry such good friends – the gemstones that we work with. Teri of  S and T Creations is one of my friends who I’ve had the joy to meet online.  Earlier this year, she wrote about gemstones in her blog. And I think the assortment of stones used in the necklace above shows why gemstones add such color to our creations.

Busy as a bee!

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Busy as a bee fits certainly fits June of Castro Creations. In her blog she talks about making 25 pieces of jewelry at a time. For some of us jewelry artists that’s exactly how the day goes. I know I, myself, would rather have a whole day or morning or afternoon to sit and work on things. I’m generally not one of those people who can sit in their work area for an hour and create one or 2 things. I need an amount time to get ready — find beads in the stash pile and remember other beads that you found in the stash pile while looking for the orignal thing that started the search!

June has a lovely assorted of earrings in her blog post. And you can check out her 1000 Markets shop also.

A contest!!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Chunky box chain in sterling silver - 16 gauge

Isn’t this a wonderful picture? And it goes with out saying – a wonderful bracelet!! Jason of Jason’s Jewelry on Artfire took this wonderful picture. He was kind enough last year to give me some great tips on photographing jewelry but I’ve still not gotten quite the look I want. They have greatly improved tho’

In addition to great pictures, Jason makes great chainmaille jewelry. I want to be like him when I grow up. However, I’m guessing that I’m probably old enough to be Jason’s mom. I’m basing that on the fact that the oldest Jason I can think of  right off hand is my son’s age. When he was growing up a ‘Jason’ lived on either side of us. And of course, there were more behind them in school.

If you would like to see more of Jason’s jewelry please click on over to Artfire and check him out. While you’re there, take a look at my small store.

And for the contest part, please go to Facebook and click on ‘link’ or leave a comment. Every little bit helps! If my blog entry wins I get a shopping spree!

Eye of the Tiger!

Friday, July 3rd, 2009
AlwaysWiredBeadLady Artisan Studio ArtFire Buy & Sell Handmade

This 18 inch stunning tiger eye has the most wonderful chatoyancy! And I’ve checked the spelling of that word about 6 times — apparently, it’s not in the online dictionary. And if you don’t know what it means either – don’t feel bad.
You know when you look at tiger eye and it looks like it’s moving even tho’ it’s not? That shimmer is called chatoyancy.
This necklace would make a great birthday present or anniversary present or just a ‘ All for myself” kind of present!
It’s for sale in my Artfire shop at Click on over and buy it! (via artfire)