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St Luke’s Episcopal Church – Absolutely Art

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

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Last Saturday, I had a small Art Show at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. They called it Absolutely Art. I was of mixed feelings about it — small show of select artists which sounds good but you never know. I questioned the ladies running the show – was it art or craft or a mix? And probably drove them nuts with my continued questions. No, they assured me. Only art folks. And yes, they were advertising — newspapers, neighborhoods, Craigslist, etc.

Ok, I’m game. Nice neighborhood – older, well established area. Thank heavens for GPS – or Miss Mouth as she’s called in our family. Have you named your GPS? Like folks used to name their cars, don’t you think? Anyhow…

Set up was of Friday if you wished. I wished and so my hubby came along to help me carry and get set up. Nice fellowship hall, a touch smaller than our church but room for 10-12 booths. And when I  walked in, I felt so much better. There was Sherry Ackerman of 14 South Artists — a fellow artist who does wonderful watercolors. Come to find out, she does watercolor classes with one of the ladies organizing the show. It’s amazing to me to see what a wide variety of watercolors Sherry produces. Bold, bright colors with fairies living among zinnias and daisies dancing their way down garden paths! Quiet, soft almost sepia tones of water lilies. Hard to believe it is the same medium.

Saturday morning folks came to look and pause and give their opinion of our artwork. One lady informed me, looking at my sterling chainmaille bracelets, that she wasn’t here to buy jewelry – she came to buy ART. I saw her leave in a while empty handed. So much for her thoughts about art…

I was pleased to see Rachel Brooke with her delicate, wired jewelry showing also. At the Madison Farmer’s Market I had seen her work a couple of years ago. Wonderful and delicate work!

Michelle Martin of Purple Moon Fibers had a great display of her felted wool works. Animals, gnomes and beautiful bowls graced her tables. If you missed her work there you can find her on Esty.

Something I had never seen before at a show were paintings of Mary and baby Jesus, the Last Supper, the Disciples and various saints. Very Iconic looking – especially to a small town Methodist girl.

Beautiful scarves were featured by one artist – lovely use of ribbons and various fibers. Diane was an art teacher for years and I bet her classes were great!

The necklace pictured above was a special order that was delivered at the show. And the customer loved it! So did the other ladies around her. It’s Argentium silver — much slower to tarnish that sterling. I started with a coil of wire, made the rings and cut them, then wove the necklace using my pliers. It feels wonderful on your neck!

Over all, it was a nice experience and in the words of Arnold — I’ll be back next year!


Friday, November 13th, 2009

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Directing is: you’re overwhelmed the whole time. Your mind never stops. If you care about it,  you wake up in the morning and you begin thinking about it and then you go to sleep at night and you’re still thinking about it.
спални Campbell Scot

Sometimes jewelry making must be like directing a movie – according to this quote. Your mind never stops – I need to order more box clasps, where is that strand of jasper I bought, do I have time to knot that strand of freshwater pearls… Well, that might be an exaggeration ’cause my mind stops at the most inopportune time. When the customer ask “What is this stone – it’s so pretty?” When the tax man says “Are you going to have a profit this year?” And most of all, when you’re right in the middle of a sentence and your mind goes blank. I’m assuming Campbell Scott doesn’t have this problem.

I do have a feeling of being overwhelmed right now — I’m a third of the way through November and I still have 4 events to do yet this year!

I’m doing a show at St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Madison at 4011 Major Ave Madison November 21 from 9-3pm.

One Thanksgiving weekend, you will find me in Janesville at Book World on Milton Ave doing a section of the  Art Loop during the day 10-4pm.

December 5 and 6 I’ll be in Oregon at the High School Commons area with my jewelry. There are 24 artists – or maybe a couple more with a variety of one of a kind or limited edition art pieces. Photography, watercolor, jewelry, painting, fiber arts, woodworking, gourd art, and more will be available for those of you finishing up your Christmas shopping. 10-6 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday will be a wonderful time to shop a great gathering of local artists.

Beloit Wisconsin has a yearly Christmas event called the Hollidazzle — it sounds quite exciting and I’m looking forward to this. Beloit has had event for quite a few years. I’ll be at at The Villager on 429 E Grand Ave Friday evening December 11 from 5-9pm.

And now you will understand why I feel overwhelmed. In addition, I’m trying to improve my photographic skills so my jewelry looks more ‘lifelike’. Personally, I didn’t know jewelry could look ‘lifelike’ but in a class last weekend that’s what I was told. So you will notice my pictures are once again changing – adding to the overwhelming feeling of trying to cram too much knowledge in this old brain of mine!!

Please feel free to come and shop at any of the events listed — but if you can’t get there, please feel free to email me with your jewelry wishes.