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A rose is a rose is a – what did you to do it?

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Please click on picture for a closer look

Featured above are a necklace and a bracelet — created with the same weave. One is very shiny which is how I generally like to wear my sterling. The other is after I patinated or antiqued it. And I had to say I really like it – much more that I really thought I would.

I liked the necklace so much that I sorted through my inventory and did some more – all told about 10 pieces. And yesterday I wore the Jens Pind bracelet and I was amazed at how it sparkled even more that it had when it was all sterling. The light really reflected off the sterling highlights. Quite amazing!

Please click on picture for a closer look.

I’m not sure that the sparkle will show up in this picture but this is the bracelet that I really noticed the sparkle in.

I’ve come to the conclusion that our jewelry is like a person. When someone throws dirt at you, the true person really shows up under the dirt and shines through.