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Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Swarovski earring pendant sets





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Every time I’ve loading the tumbler in the last week I’ve said either to myself or to my husband – well, this is the last one and everything will be ready. HA! As if that was true. I just finished taking the pendants and earrings out of the drying rack and realized that I had made a new necklace last week and it hadn’t found it’s way to the tumbler yet. So off I go with another load as I realized a necklace from a few months ago looks a little dingy.Maybe this will truly be the last load.

In 2 weeks I’ll be doing Girl’s Night Out in Saranac on Thursday, September 26. And in the first part of October we’ll be heading to Rhode Island to World Burn Congress for burn survivors and I’ve got more jewelry to make for that. Then the Christmas shows start…

Fallasburg Festival is this coming Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15 at Fallasburg Park north of Lowell. 10-5 both days. So come on out and see what I’ve been busy creating and polishing up for you!

A new adventure!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

3 jap brac w pretty clasp





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Next week is the Fallasburg Festival north of Lowell, MI in Fallasburg Park. I was fortunate enough to be juried in this year and now that it’s only a week away I am quite nervous. I’ve been doing art shows in Wisconsin for quite a few years so it’s not that I’ve never done these before. However, it is the first show I’ve done in a long, long time that I will not know another artist there. In Wisconsin I belonged to an art group called 14 South Artists and made lots of friends. We put on our own shows at least once a year, if not twice sometimes. And we did it all as a group — find the venue, advertising, putting up fliers, try to get publicity and all the other things involved in an art show. When you work with a group of folks you make lasting friendships and now that I’m doing a show without them it’s kind of nerve wracking. It seems that most years I’ve been next to Ralph Stromquist who is a wonderful nature photographer. Some times I was next to Ann Kleckner who is a glass artist in the fused glass area.And when I did a show that wasn’t a 14 South Artist show there were still folks there I knew.

I’ve thought for quite a few years about applying for the Fallasburg show but the same weekend in Wisconsin we had a 2 day art tour where artists showed their work off – often in their workshop. I was fortunate enough to be asked to display at the home of Ann Miller (no relationship) in Oregon. Ann creates amazing stained glass pieces – often on commission for folk’s homes. Why would I leave Wisconsin to come to Lowell when I had a great art show that weekend so I never applied. However, we moved back to Wisconsin last fall and I was thrilled to be able to apply. I was even more thrilled to be accepted!! This is a show that’s not easy to get into.

But the show is closing in and time is running out. I’ve been weaving bracelets and pendants and earrings like a mad woman. And I wanted to show folks a few of the things I’ve made in the last few weeks. That’s when I realized how much I liked my Nikon digital camera. It’s not working well right now and I’ve been trying to learn to use my hubby’s little Kodak. When you see the pix of the bracelet you will see how much I need to learn about this camera or just break down and buy another Nikon.

So if you’re in Wisconsin please click the above line for 14 South Artist and visit their tour next weekend.

But if you’re in Michigan I hope to see you next weekend at Fallasburg!! I’m in spot 16, really close to the road in front before you get to the drive with the stone arch. Please stop by and say hi. (more…)