“Blue, blue, the world is blue”






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It’s always amazing to me how music floats through our mind – or at least it does mine! Those stupid commercials that float through your brain when you get up to use the bathroom at 3am….

And then there are the songs that transport you to a time when you were younger, maybe in school or maybe when you were first married or maybe when your child started school.

When I was taking the pictures of this African Sodalite, golden coral and Swarovski  bracelet the song “Blue, blue, my world is blue” floated through my mind. I don’t think I’ve heard that song since I was in high school and it wasn’t a favorite song of mine but it was popular then. I was so taken with the memory that I had to Google it and sure enough there it was. The version by  Paul Mauriat is here. And of course, there is a version in French, a young boy playing a nicely done piano version and many more. 

1968 is the year according to the Billboard Hit list – which means I was a sophomore in high school – having signed up for the second year to take shop class and being denied because it was a ‘boy’s class ’. By the time  my youngest brother was in school 8 years later he took a semester of home ec and the girls took a semester of shop. How things change! Except music – and music will always have the ability to transport us to a different time and place.

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