The universe is asymmetric(al)

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The quote by Louis Pasteur amazes me — until you look at a globe and realized that the planet Earth is not symmetrical by any stretch of the imagination. And then I think maybe using this azurite was a good choice for this asymmetrical bracelet. Mirroring the colors found in water and grass — this bracelet is the first one I’ve made (and been happy with) that is asymmetrical.

Symmetry comes easily to most of us – at least it does to me when creating a piece of jewelry. I recently made a necklace of sterling, black onyx and jet Swarovski. And it took me a lot of time to make it look correct — evenly weighted although not symmetrical by any means.

When I garden, I have no problems making my flower beds symmetrical because the beds are fitted in amoung big trees and a sidewalk (well, where the sidewalk will be some day!). There was nothing that was even about any of them to start  with and maybe makes a difference. If you would like to purchase this bracelet, please follow this link.

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  1. the Fox says:

    This is an incredible piece. What are the gren stones/