Art Loop 2009

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I had really expected to write today about the Tallman House Art Show. Unfortunately, things happened and the show was canceled for the year. Thank heavens, Alicia of Raven’s Wish in Janesville stepped up and quickly organized her thoughts about having an Art Tour in Janesville. She had even discussed the subject with some of the artists at her gallery. In a matter of about 3 weeks, she got the artists, advertising – print and radio, and locations for all of us to be. Working with other independent store owners in Janesville who provided space, Alicia really pulled it all together.

Coupled with the fact that Janesville has a really high unemployment rate right now along with a brand new Art TourĀ  I was curious how it would go. It started a touch slow as we all expected. But people starting arriving and the game was afoot! I questioned a lot of my customers – do you normally attend the Tallman House Show, are you having a good time, would you do this again? They all agreed it was a great thing and most of them were Tallman Supporters. And we were so glad that the banners Alicia put it helped draw in folks who were just ‘driving by and saw the art sign’ – we’re having a wonderful time’.

Pictured above is one of the bracelets that I sold yesterday — it’s not a great picture but it is a beautiful bracelet and I hope it brings a lot of joy to the lady who purchased it.

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One Response to “Art Loop 2009”

  1. MaryAnneGruen says:

    I love happy endings!

    I’m glad Alicia of Raven’s Wish came up with an alternate show and that it’s going well. Congratulations on your sales!