Vote early – Vote Often

Please click on picture for a closer look.

As my husband reads the title of this piece over my shoulder and laughs, I know that you can only vote once for me but I would appreciate your one vote per person.

A group of Etsy artisans that I belong to host a themed challenge every month. The last couple of months I really couldn’t wrap my brain around the theme but this month was great! Flowers! I can do that!

I didn’t want to just use flower beads — I wanted a different thought for flowers and then it occurred to me — the Hippy Chick bracelet. Not my own weave design but surely fitting for the challenge. I wove this bracelet to be the whole ‘flower bed’ with an assortment of colors. Unfortunately, it’s a hard bracelet to take a picture of and you will have to settle for looking at a section of the ‘flower bed’. Please click and follow the link to vote. I (and my bracelet) would really appreciate it!

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One Response to “Vote early – Vote Often”

  1. Hippie Chick truly is a great piece! And it deserves to be in the lead over at the team blog.

    I’ve given you an award back at my blog Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do the whole award thing. Just think of it as a token of my appreciation.