Invisible walls!

Yesterday at the Market in Madison I opted not to put  up my canopy for the day. It was October 9 and the weatherman was predicting about 80 degrees for the day.It actually broke a 131 year record for temps on that date —  85 degrees!

I’m on the ‘shady’ side of the street and knew the sun would be behind Park Bank by 10:30 at the latest and I would be in the shade the rest of the day.So leaving the canopy in the truck Don and I started to set up my tables. Talk about disoriented — it’s amazing how much I depend on those ‘invisible walls’ when I set up my booth. There are only the 4 corner post of  the canopy legs but not having them really threw me off. I had to rearrange my tables twice to put them in the proper place because of the totally different feeling.

I had wonderful light all day on my jewelry and it worked out beautifully in the end but I realized how dependent I am on the ‘invisible walls’. And the more I thought about it last night the more it occurred to me that we all have ‘invisible walls’ of a sort in many different things we do. We are so used to having things run a particular way that do do it differently confuses not only us, but others around us. I know when I was growing up I was so tired of hearing ‘ We’ve always done it that way’! And long into my 20s and 30s I heard it. Even when we moved to a new state and neighborhood I heard that – on City Council and church committees I hear the familiar refrain – we’ve always done it that way’. For many things, it is a good deal to follow the past practice – while on the Personnel Committee for the City, we wrote the first Personnel Manual and following those past practices was a good thing and we were usually quite glad to hear ‘ we’ve always done it that way’. But some committees get quite tired of hearing that refrain when trying to bring some new blood to an old organization that needs a bit of a boost.

So while you are out and about this week — try to break down those ‘invisible walls’ and see how things go!

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