Swarovski earring pendant sets





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Every time I’ve loading the tumbler in the last week I’ve said either to myself or to my husband – well, this is the last one and everything will be ready. HA! As if that was true. I just finished taking the pendants and earrings out of the drying rack and realized that I had made a new necklace last week and it hadn’t found it’s way to the tumbler yet. So off I go with another load as I realized a necklace from a few months ago looks a little dingy.Maybe this will truly be the last load.

In 2 weeks I’ll be doing Girl’s Night Out in Saranac on Thursday, September 26. And in the first part of October we’ll be heading to Rhode Island to World Burn Congress for burn survivors and I’ve got more jewelry to make for that. Then the Christmas shows start…

Fallasburg Festival is this coming Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15 at Fallasburg Park north of Lowell. 10-5 both days. So come on out and see what I’ve been busy creating and polishing up for you!

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