Donations from sales of my jewelry

Phoenix Society is a wonderful non-profit that has a place in our heart.In the past I have donated a percentage of my sales to it but starting October 2010 there is a new way to help donate to the Phoenix Society. I am debuting a line of jewelry featuring a 2 sided sterling charm with the logo of the Phoenix Society on one side and the words “Phoenix Society” on the flip side.  A percentage of the selling price of each item is donated to Phoenix Society.

My husband is a burn survivor of over 52 years as of 2008. The Phoenix Society was not around when my hubby was burned but thanks to the great staff at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids MI he survived. After many surgeries and skin grafts, he learned about the Phoenix Society about 16 years ago. They are a wonderful organization and I urge anyone who has a burn survivor in their family to contact them.

The Society was founded by Alan Breslau, who was extensively burned in the crash of a commercial airliner in 1963. Following a visit to a young boy in a burn center, Alan realized the importance of peer support for those with burn injuries and went on to establish one of the first burn support organizations in the United States.

After many years of working with burn survivors he officially incorporated The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors in 1977. Society takes its name from the legendary bird that lives 500 years and is consumed by flame, but rises again, reborn from its ashes, more brilliant than before. (from the Phoenix Society History Section)

We firmly believe that they do a world of good for burn survivors and their families. Among the many programs they have re-entry programs for children when they go back to school. When my husband started school as a kindergartner there was no such program.

Every year they have a Burn Congress and there are attendees from all over the world now. 2008 is the 20th anniversary year for the Burn Congress. We have attended countless times and are always uplifted by it.

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