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Too much bling?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

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I’masking the question about this bracelet — do you think it’s too much bling? Too many Swarovski crystals? I’ve got friends that would seriously debate on the side of “There’s never too much bling”.But for some folks it might be — I’m not really sure.

I used the sapphire blue Swarovskis in the bracelet with the thought that blue has become another neutral color for a lot of us – like black or khaki or taupe. A good majority of us wears jeans as our casual look and without even thinking about it – blue now goes with everything.

When I wove this bracelet yesterday using Argentium sterling rings and Swarovski crystals I decided to add more crystals than are commonly used in this design. When I finished it last night I really liked it — now that I’ve looked at it this morning I’m asking “Too much bling?”.

If you would like to purchase this bracelet, it’s for sale on Artfire and      1000 Markets in  my shops and I guess the answer will lie in the fact of how quickly or if it sells.

Around and around we go

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

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I’ve been so busy lately that I just realized that I’ve not been posting in my blog — just in case someone out there is reading it I’d hate to think I was behind!

I’ve been having a wonderful and aggravating time this last month. Chain maille has really caught my attention and my attention span is generally pretty short.

????????This bracelet is called the Vertebra — among other names.
One of the things that amuses me is that people name weaves different names — for no apparent reason that I can see. You can hunt and hunt for a weave you saw and would like to learn all to find out that it has a different name for the tutorial or class involved.

Anyway, back to this bracelet — this feels so nice on the wrist — and it weighs just over 1 and ½ ounces –that’s a lot of sterling on your arm — just gleaming as the sun catches it.

It fits beautifully on my arm but I’m putting it up for sale on Saturday at the Dane County Farmer’s Market. Hopefully, I will be on the corner of King and Pinckney streets.

If you would like me to make one of these gorgeous bracelets for you please go to my contact page and let me know. It can also be made in pure copper.