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Still here but behind…

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

This link will take you to another blog where I have posted what I did the first week in January with jewelry.

For those trying to read this on a regular basis, you will have noticed that there was nothing posted here since we went to World Burn Congress in Galveston in October 2010. The Congress was quite exhilarating as I was debuting a line of jewelry created to raise awareness and support for burn survivors. The response was overwhelming and I sold out of almost everything I took — 80 pieces of jewelry! I came home with 3 bracelets, 3 necklaces and a single charm left. I immediately ordered more charms to have in stock.

Christmas was around the corner and I was able to deliver my last 2 orders the Monday before Christmas. We headed home that week to spend time with family and friends – made the trip through Chicago and to my mom’s house where upon the fuel pump died. So thankful it died there and not in Chicago!!

We made it back to WI in time for Don to help tear down the train layout at Rotary Gardens in Janesville for another year.

While he was working on that, I was catching up on emails and some paperwork. I realized that it was time to start another Year of Jewelry on one of the forums that I check out periodically. I’ve thought about it in the past but was never in the right spot at the right time. And this year it worked!

I’ve committed to creating a piece of jewelry every week. And the link at the top of this page is the posting about it. There will be weeks this year where that is what will be posted here also. Hope you enjoy it as a challenge for jewelry artists to create their piece around a theme. Themes have never been something I’ve dealt well with – whether it was a theme in a book for English class or…

What goes around, comes around

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There is no picture today — I’m just too danged tired to look for one in my files.

I just got home from doing a show at Tallman House in Janesville and I’m whipped.

First it rained for 2 and 1/2 hours during setup then when it quit the wind came up — and gusted. A couple of times I held onto my little EZ UP debating what else the weather was going to do today. And then I heard breaking glass — checked the lady next to me with stained glass, not her. It was a couple of booths over – a watercolorist who lost the glass on a painting when the wind picked the picture right up off the easel and slammed it onto the ground.

Next time I peeked out I saw a lady who had just a backyard canopy that had  flipped over – didn’t appear to damage anything at her booth. And then I heard some woman yelling behind me. Her canopy had apparently cartwheeled end for end. After checking I began to smile — this was a women who berated her husband and daughters loudly and often while they tried to help her  set up a canopy for the second time (first time apparently in the backyard while the sun was shining). I’m guessing it was a while ago and no one made notes ’cause they took it apart and put it back together 3 times. The neighbor beside me quietly offered to help her and noticed that it was put together wrong. When pointing it out to her, the inexperienced woman informed everyone around her she had ‘good problem solving skills – it said so on her first grade report card!”.  The rest of us all rolled our eyes and snickered. It’s been a while since that woman had been in first grade, let me tell you!!

Today was a good lesson in being prepared. 2 and 1/2 hours of rain followed by wind gusts of 30mph or so followed by a  rise in the humidity till we sweat while standing still in the shade.

The good thing about today was I had a very nice neighbor from Milwaukee who makes very cool jewelry too — Bad Dog Studio I believe is her business name. Together we rolled our eyes and made smart remarks about folks who are ornery and make everyone else’s morning a little more miserable than it needed to be.

The story of the hearts

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Please click on picture for closer look.

Before I left for Michigan for a vacation I saw a picture of a sterling heart — just the outline but very attractive looking. But while in Michigan it was not a vacation as we had planned. Instead my dad passed away. His health had been getting worse and in the end, it is a blessing but it’s not what I had in mind for the trip back home.

Since coming home to Wisconsin I’ve been getting ready to go back to the Dane County Farmer’s Market on the square in Madison this Saturday and then on Sunday I have an art show at the Tallman House in Janesville.

Checking my earring racks I realized that I needed another 10 or so pair of earrings so that was yesterday’s project. But in the back of my mind while I was creating earrings was ‘Where did I see that sterling heart?” I would make a pair of earrings and then look. I looked through all my recent magazine purchases, looked at my tutorial downloads and pulled up the history on my computer — no heart to be found. I could have gotten the darn earrings made a lot quicker if that heart hadn’t haunted me all day. I emailed some online friends  wondering if any of them had seen it. One said she did and spent her morning check her magazines but couldn’t find it and another emailed me this morning with the info — thank you Kate and Barb!!

The heart on the left is the one I conjured up from what I remembered of the picture. The one in the middle is following the tutorial. The one on the right is a different version.

Maybe there is a reason this heart demanded to be made this week…

Art Loop 2009

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Please click on picture for closer look.

I had really expected to write today about the Tallman House Art Show. Unfortunately, things happened and the show was canceled for the year. Thank heavens, Alicia of Raven’s Wish in Janesville stepped up and quickly organized her thoughts about having an Art Tour in Janesville. She had even discussed the subject with some of the artists at her gallery. In a matter of about 3 weeks, she got the artists, advertising – print and radio, and locations for all of us to be. Working with other independent store owners in Janesville who provided space, Alicia really pulled it all together.

Coupled with the fact that Janesville has a really high unemployment rate right now along with a brand new Art Tour  I was curious how it would go. It started a touch slow as we all expected. But people starting arriving and the game was afoot! I questioned a lot of my customers – do you normally attend the Tallman House Show, are you having a good time, would you do this again? They all agreed it was a great thing and most of them were Tallman Supporters. And we were so glad that the banners Alicia put it helped draw in folks who were just ‘driving by and saw the art sign’ – we’re having a wonderful time’.

Pictured above is one of the bracelets that I sold yesterday — it’s not a great picture but it is a beautiful bracelet and I hope it brings a lot of joy to the lady who purchased it.