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They’re going to hell now…

Sunday, June 5th, 2011


You may wonder at the title of this blog post but while at the Dane County Farmer’s Market today I discovered a pendant was stolen. I commented out loud that I just realized that someone had stolen a piece of jewelry. 2 ladies at my booth asked what was stolen and when I told them it was a sterling cross that I had made — they said at the same time “Well, they’re going to hell for sure.” I was quite amused ’cause the thought crossed my mind that if you’re going to steal something a cross wouldn’t be at the top of most folk’s mind, I wouldn’t think. But then again, I’m not sure if everyone realizes the significance of what the cross means to most folks.

I have to say I’ve been quite fortunate in that this is only the second item that I’ve had stolen in about 6 or 7 years of doing shows but it did kind of top of the day since I and all the other vendors in my area got 30.00 parking tickets today. I’ve parked in that lot for 3 years myself and some of the vendors have parked there for years and years. If they didn’t like us parking there they could have left notices that there was a change in someone’s policy and we shouldn’t be parking there. I’m guessing Walker’s minions thought it was a good way to raise some extra money but all they’ve done is p*ss us off even more…

On the flip side, the weather was wonderful today — sunny and a bit of a breeze so we didn’t mind the 80 some degrees today when last week it was in the 40’s with rain. Folks were in great moods today and having a wonderful time. The air just vibrated with the energy at the market today.

Phoenix Society

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

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For the last couple of years, I have donated 5% of my total sales to the Phoenix Society as they are doing much needed work for burn survivors. I’ve also toyed with how to do a continual fundraiser through my business and I’m thrilled to announce that I will be premiering a line of awareness jewelry featuring a sterling charm with the Phoenix on it. As we speak the charms are being made so I do not have a charm to show you yet but I was so excited that we (myself and the Phoenix Society) are at this point I had to share!

The Phoenix Society is an important part of our life. For those who know me only online do not know my husband is a burn survivor of 54 years. Until we were in our late 30s or early 40s we had never met another burn survivor.

One day on the noon news he saw a news piece about a burn survivor meeting in Grand Rapids – not far from where we lived at the time. He went to a meeting and met a wonderful woman named Amy Acton. At the time, Amy was head nurse of the Burn Unit at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids and she had started this support group. Through this group Don learned of the Phoenix Society and we were fortunate enough to get some funding through the Phoenix Society to attend the World Burn Congress which is sponsored by the Phoenix Society in Detroit that year.

What a conference! We met a wonderful group of survivors and learned that the Phoenix Society was started by a gentleman named Alan Breslau after he was burned in a plane crash in 1963. After working for many years with burn survivors he started The Phoenix Society – named after the bird that rises from the ashes, renewed and better than before! Alan retired in 1998 and the Board of Directors named Amy Acton as their new chairperson.

We have not been able to attend WBC every year but have attended many over the years. And we are going to World Burn Congress again this year — this time it is in Galveston, TX. Every year, it is held in a different part of the country to make it easier for a variety of folks to attend who may not be able to travel long distances due to physical and monetary issues.

What goes around, comes around

Monday, August 9th, 2010

There is no picture today — I’m just too danged tired to look for one in my files.

I just got home from doing a show at Tallman House in Janesville and I’m whipped.

First it rained for 2 and 1/2 hours during setup then when it quit the wind came up — and gusted. A couple of times I held onto my little EZ UP debating what else the weather was going to do today. And then I heard breaking glass — checked the lady next to me with stained glass, not her. It was a couple of booths over – a watercolorist who lost the glass on a painting when the wind picked the picture right up off the easel and slammed it onto the ground.

Next time I peeked out I saw a lady who had just a backyard canopy that had  flipped over – didn’t appear to damage anything at her booth. And then I heard some woman yelling behind me. Her canopy had apparently cartwheeled end for end. After checking I began to smile — this was a women who berated her husband and daughters loudly and often while they tried to help her  set up a canopy for the second time (first time apparently in the backyard while the sun was shining). I’m guessing it was a while ago and no one made notes ’cause they took it apart and put it back together 3 times. The neighbor beside me quietly offered to help her and noticed that it was put together wrong. When pointing it out to her, the inexperienced woman informed everyone around her she had ‘good problem solving skills – it said so on her first grade report card!”.  The rest of us all rolled our eyes and snickered. It’s been a while since that woman had been in first grade, let me tell you!!

Today was a good lesson in being prepared. 2 and 1/2 hours of rain followed by wind gusts of 30mph or so followed by a  rise in the humidity till we sweat while standing still in the shade.

The good thing about today was I had a very nice neighbor from Milwaukee who makes very cool jewelry too — Bad Dog Studio I believe is her business name. Together we rolled our eyes and made smart remarks about folks who are ornery and make everyone else’s morning a little more miserable than it needed to be.

M5 Creative Corners

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Waterfall Watercolor Wall Hang Quilt

In an effort to keep up my New Year’s resolutions to blog more often, I thought I would blog about Tina from M5 Creative Corners. She’s a teammate of mine from our Etsy group – eSmarts. Our group was formed by a very forward thinking lady, Anna Lee Husband of GahooleTree on Esty. Anna has great marketing ideas along with a very creative mind to design wonderful jewelry.

I have to say that when I saw her business name James Bond immediately came to mind — M5, M16 that James works for and all that. Well, James Bond she isn’t but she is a wonderful artist with a needle and thread!

Tina sews a wonderful variety of items – at the present time the wall hanging Waterfall Watercolors is my favorite. However, if your walls are full as mine are you could think about some of the other items she sews. Handmade cloth wallets are very affordable at 12.50 as are her cloth book covers at 9.00. Sometimes you need a small gift with a big impact and I believe that Tina can fulfill that need for you.

If you would like to check out her Etsy store M5 Creative Corner Tina would be more than happy to help you with any special orders that you might have.

14 South Artist Fall Art Tour

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

The things you learn to do when you belong to an artist group are many:

• Be very thankful that your friend that you’re showing with (Ann Miller of Glass Artistry in Oregon) has a computer literate husband who can draw a map on the computer
• Learn to scan your map and put it in Jpeg form – not Tiff
• Be very thankful that you can post the map to your blog so customers can find you
• Learn how to read a map so you can figure out the best places to put signs to where you’re showing
• Be very thankful that you’ve had your schedule with you at the Market every Saturday this summer and passed them out to every person that dared to enter your booth
• Learn to ask people if they are interested in attending a studio art tour so that you can give them the aforementioned schedule
• Be very thankful that you belong to a group that works well together (and learns from past years)
• Learn to speak up and talk to people (I know my friends will find it hard that I had to learn to ‘speak up’) and snickering to myself at the thought of them laughing while they read this sentence.
• Be very thankful for the friends that helped you pick out your business name and logo
• Learn more things this winter during the ‘lull’ season to WOW! your customers next year
• Be very thankful for the customers that you already have
• Learn that the 2nd button from the right at the top of this screen is a toggle button so that you can make this page bigger when you read it – just click it when you read the post below this and the map will be bigger!!!
• Be very thankful for the nice husband that I have that has the signs for the tour ready to pound into the ground
• Learn to direct people to the post above this for the map for the tour!